Tuberculosis Screening for UK Visa Applicants

Raffles Medical is pleased to announce that our medical facilities in Vietnam (HCMC) and Cambodia (Phnom Penh) have been accredited by the UK Government to conduct Tuberculosis Screening services and issuance of certificates, according to the UK Dept. of Health Protocol, for all UK visa applicants who wish to travel to the United Kingdom for a period longer than six months.

All visa applicants in Vietnam and Cambodia will need to obtain a certificate confirming that they are free from infectious Tuberculosis (TB) before submitting their UK visa application. Applicants are recommended to have their TB tests at least 10 weeks prior to applications should chest x-ray findings suggest pulmonary tuberculosis, which will require further testing (Sputum Smears/Culture) with results available in 6-8 weeks.

For more information on visa categories, requirements for TB testing, or to arrange for your health screening and assessments, please contact our facilities at convenient locations closest to you:
(028) 38240777 |


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