School Enrollment Health Check

School-going children are at the peak of their physical and mental development. At Raffles Medical, we offer customised medical check-up programs for students preparing for school enrolment in Vietnam or overseas. School enrolment health check is intended to detect problems that may interfere with effective learning. Early identification and treatment are important because an undetected health problem can hamper your child’s progress in school.

Your child’s health is evaluated during the health check-up through physical examination which mainly assesses height, weight, hearing, vision, skin, dental, as well as genitourinary, respiratory, abdominal, and nervous systems to ensure that when your child starts school, he or she is healthy, fit, and ready to learn. More information is generally required for comprehensive assessment such as:

Medications, treatments, and allergies: It is important to know if your child is allergic to any food items or any other foreign substances like dust, plants, and animal hair. Also, if your child is undergoing any treatment for a pre-existing condition, it should be brought to the notice of the school personnel so that appropriate care is extended as well as precautionary measures are taken to avoid serious reactions.

Immunization Record: Vaccines are given to protect your children from preventable diseases and recorded to keep a track of their vaccination schedule.

Medical History: To effectively deal with children’s health problems through the school years, it is important for schools to be aware of them early on. The following details about students are required:

  • Student’s medical history and conditions: To assess the normal development of your child, the school will require information about any conditions that your child might be experiencing currently or had previously.
  • Family Medical History: Prevalence of genetic medical conditions in family members can be key indicators in identifying diseases to which your child may be at high risk.
  • Hospitalisation and Surgeries: Information about whether your child has undergone surgery in the past or been hospitalised for long-term medical treatments is crucial for taking preventative measures as well as future references.
  • Special Education Needs: Learning problems or disabilities can have a significant impact on a child’s overall development. Children with Special Educational Needs are more likely to require additional or different assistance than other children their age.

Based on the examination and findings, our doctors can guide you through the process of keeping your child healthy as well as provide further recommendations on treatments only if any conditions are identified. This will also help you to monitor your child’s developmental milestones and see whether your child’s skills and abilities are appropriate for his or her age. This data from the preventive check-ups serves as the baseline for future reference as well.

Raffles Medical is one of the preferred medical centers for conducting health check-ups for international schools in Vietnam. The service is available at all our three medical centers in HCMC and Vung Tau.



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