Offshore Health Check

Due to the nature of remoteness and potential isolation and risks of offshore work—the dangers of storms and rough ocean waters, the sheer size of oil rigs and installations with their numerous stairways, ladders and over-sea walkways, and even the modes of transport to and from the workplace— all require a certain degree of alertness, physical mobility, coordination and stamina for the offshore worker.

OGUK and Petronas (Off-shore) medicals are mandated for all individuals that are designated offshore posts to be regularly examined and classified as medically fit to work by an approved medical practitioner in an OGUK or PETRONAS-approved medical centre. This ensures that the offshore worker’s state of health meets the appropriate, required fitness criteria and that they do not put themselves or others at undue risk. Raffles Medical Viet Nam offers specialised occupational health certification for workers looking to work offshore.

We provide health checks for OGUK, Petronas, and Dutch Seafarers complete with certification.  For more information, please contact our Reception at a medical centre closest to you:


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