Frequently Asked Questions

1.    Appointment

Q: I would like to make an appointment with one of your doctor, how can I go about doing it?
A: For appointments, please call our hotline or fill the form to make an online appointment.

2.    Direct Billing Services

Q: There is an issue with my bill. Who can I be in contact with?
A: Our colleagues at the Customer Service Officer will be able to assist you. Please click here for contact information.

Q: Will direct billing be available? How do I go about doing it?
A: Yes, direct billing arrangement is available for members of insurance and assistance companies with whom we have contracts.  Please click here for more information.

3.    Clinic Price

Q: How much does your service cost?
A: Please refer to our Price List or Contact Us for more information.

4.    Visa Health Check

Q: Should we make an appointment for Visa Health Check?
A: Please CALL/ EMAIL/ make ONLINE APPOINTMENT for your Australian and New Zealand Visa Health Check.

5.    Corporate Health Check

Q: How to request a quotation for Corporate Health Check?
A: Contact Us to request a quotation for Corporate Health Check


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