The brain is like a muscle and when it is kept active, you can keep it working. Raffles Medical shares nine activities you can do today to sharpen your mind.

1.    Cross word:
Studies show that playing crossword puzzles have a strong correlation to the delayed onset of dementia. Alternate between crossword puzzles and other word games to keep your mind engaged.

2.    The tray game
Place random items on a tray. Have a brief peek at the tray before covering it with a cloth. Then try to remember what all the items are.

3.    Concentration
Lay cards facing down. Flip two cards at a time to match a pair. If this gets too easy for you, try a messier arrangement to increase the diffculty levels.

4.    The suitcase game
In a group, try this roundtable memory game. The frst player will share what he is packing in the suitcase. The second player will repeat the frst item and add an item. Repeat.

5.    Multi tasks
Allow yourself to multi-task when doing activities. This will allow you to cope with distractions and improve your concentration levels.

6.    Shopping Game
Use the peg system to memorise your shopping lists. If you split your purchases up with a friend or family member, you can see who would remember the most items and in what order.

7.    Jigsaw puzzles
Jigsaw puzzles engage your short-term memory as your brain differentiates between different pieces to form up the full picture. Jigsaw puzzles are great because they create dopamine as you
get them right.

8.    Sudoku
Sudoku requires you to keep numbers in your head as you try ftting them into the grids. This
works your working memory. Once it gets easier, it’s time to try something different.

9.    Chess
Skilful chess players use strategies from their long-term memory while new players tend to rely on short-term memory to analyse the board. Either way, chess is an intellectual game that works the brain.

(From Raffles Medical Group)